As with other sectors, U.S. military and government organizations have faced dramatic evolutions in cybersecurity and broader information technology strategies. Cloud computing technology continues to play a key role in the military’s effort to modernize legacy systems — in 2018, for example, the Army signed a $250 million contract designated for cloud investment. Similarly, the Department of Defense has made cybersecurity an area of strategic focus, both from the perspective of securing U.S. information systems and expanding DoD cybersecurity cooperation with other agencies.

Current and former military service members can find a wide range of career opportunities by developing their skills in assessing and responding to cyberthreats. Recognized as a National Center of Excellence in Cyber Defense by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security, GW is uniquely positioned to equip graduates with those essential skills, and we are proud to offer online graduate degree programs in cybersecurity and cloud computing as part of our continued participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

We salute the dedication of those who have served our country by offering educational benefits to qualifying individuals. Students who are not on active duty or have a spouse that is on active duty may qualify to receive military benefits for their online graduate degree in cybersecurity or cloud computing.

To learn more about GW’s Yellow Ribbon Program participation, eligible scholarships and other valuable information, visit our Office of Military and Veteran Student Services site.

In addition, GW students are working to fund a Military Resource Center that will provide information, guidance and support to student veterans—online and on-campus. To explore the latest developments in this initiative, click here.