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Online Cloud Computing Management Master’s Degree

Program Fast Facts

  • Completion time: approximately 2 years
  • Delivery: 100% online
  • Total credits: 30
  • Total tuition: $32,850

Help Businesses Manage Unprecedented Cloud Complexity

In 2019, the average business leveraged more than 1,295 unique cloud services with some larger organizations using up to 3,0001. While the cloud offers a number of key business benefits, the scale and complexity of modern cloud computing also creates challenges. Organizations seeking to optimize their use of the cloud need well-defined strategies for integrating multiple services from different vendors along with a comprehensive agenda for protecting and governing data stored in cloud, on-premises and in hybrid environments — all while ensuring high reliability and availability, along with low latency.

The GW online Master of Engineering in Cloud Computing Management is designed to help graduates navigate the complexities of business cloud computing and guide their organizations toward adopting effective multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies. Graduates of this program will be able to answer questions like:

  • Which of our business applications are best suited for cloud environments?
  • How can we manage migrating key systems and software to the cloud with minimal disruption?
  • How do we build data governance practices when leveraging multiple cloud providers, on-premises infrastructure and hybrid cloud architecture?
  • How can we keep operational costs low as we leverage an increasing number of cloud services?

The cloud computing management master’s program from GW is well-suited for business and IT professionals who want to expand their technical skills along with their business and leadership acumen.

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A Cloud Computing Degree Designed to Build Cloud Leaders

The online Master of Engineering in Cloud Computing Management is a multidisciplinary degree that prepares graduates for managing the unprecedented complexity of business cloud computing systems and services. The program combines knowledge of cloud computing systems and architecture, business processes, management, security and data analytics — preparing students to solve challenges related to cloud migrations and answer the question, “What’s next?” for their organizations.

The cloud computing management master’s program is designed for business and IT professionals who are passionate about the potential of cloud computing and want to play a key role in transforming their organizations for the digital, cloud service-driven future.

Some of the key areas covered in the curriculum include:

  • Cloud applications architecture
  • Computer architecture and design
  • Big data and cloud computing
  • Applied machine learning for engineers
  • Cloud migration strategy

The program prepares graduates to manage increasingly complex business technology environments, often consisting of combining multiple cloud services, on-premises infrastructure and numerous interconnection services in order to make data transferable between each of these environments. Graduates will be equipped to guide migration strategies, manage multi-cloud environments, and optimize cloud architecture for performance, security and reliability.

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Program Learning Objectives

The cloud computing master’s degree has been designed to give graduates an understanding of cloud computing service models, the technical aspects of cloud systems and the business leadership skills to shape cloud strategies of any scale. The following learning objectives guide the design and structure of the program:

  • Understand the latest cloud computing trends
  • Develop an end-to-end cloud strategy
  • Manage your organization’s migration to cloud and its associated risks
  • Leverage cloud computing to extend your computing environment
  • Understand and manage machine learning trends with cloud computing
  • Apply cloud solutions to enterprise challenges

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