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Q: I don’t meet the IT work experience requirement or have a technical degree. Can I still apply to these programs?

Yes. Applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements can be admitted. GW considers an applicant’s entire background before reaching an admission decision, evaluating all records on a case-by-case basis.

Ask an admissions counselor (at any questions about your application to an online M.Eng. program.

Q: What are the upcoming start dates and application deadlines?

Visit the admissions page for the most recent start dates.

Students may begin their program of choice during one of five sessions each year:

  • Early January to mid-March (Spring 1)
  • Mid-March to mid-May (Spring 2)
  • Late May to late June (Summer)*
  • Mid-August to mid-October (Fall 1)
  • Mid-October to mid-December (Fall 2)

*This is an accelerated, 5-week session.

A summer term is offered for those who must complete the mathematics prerequisite course.

For additional information and application deadlines, plesae contact an admissions counselor at

Q: How many courses/credit hours are required to complete these programs?

These programs require a minimum of 10 graduate-level courses, totaling 30 credit hours. There is no thesis in these programs.

Q: How many courses can I complete at a time?

Typically, students take one course each session, completing four courses each academic year. Normally, the maximum number of courses students may take per session is two.

Q: Do courses need to be taken in a certain order?

The program advisors determine the order in which course(s) are taken.

Q: How much time should I expect to spend doing coursework each week?

Time spent on coursework outside the classroom will depend on the course and the student. As a general rule, students can expect to spend six hours per week outside of classroom time for each course.

Q: Can I complete the programs part-time?

Yes, students typically take one course (three credits) each session, but with the advisor’s approval they may take additional credit hours each session to complete their selected program faster.

Q: How quickly can I complete an online M.Eng program?

Generally, students can fulfill all program requirements in two years or less. Taking more than one course each session accelerates completion time.

Q: Is there a minimum GPA requirement to complete these programs?

Courses specified in your program of study must be completed with a minimum 3.0 GPA or higher to earn the degree.

Q: Will I need to log in at certain times of day? Or a certain amount of times each week?

Live class sessions are held once a week from 6:30pm to 9:50pm Eastern Time through distance learning technology. While attendance to all class sessions is not strictly required, attendance at all sessions is expected. Students who cannot attend live sessions due to schedule conflicts should contact their instructor. Students are also required to log in at least once a week to participate in discussions. All classes are recorded and can be accessed throughout the semester by students who wish to review or to see a class they missed.

Q: How quickly can I expect faculty members to reply to my questions?

Students can expect to receive responses from the faculty within one business day.

Q: What online learning platform do you use?

Classes are delivered by a live instructor through Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, a web conferencing software that allows faculty to lead interactive lectures and discussions during which students can ask questions and engage with their instructor and classmates in real time. All classes are recorded and students can access them throughout the semester to review or to see a class they missed. Each course has its own address on the Blackboard web-based course management system that keeps course documents and assignments organized and easily accessible. Course exams are administered on Blackboard and proctored through a secure testing platform. Visit the Student Blackboard FAQ’s page or contact an admissions counselor for more information. Learn more about online learning at GW.

Q: Who do I contact if I encounter a technical issue?

All GW students should start by browsing the GWiz knowledge base for help. If the answer to your question cannot be found there:

  • Direct questions about GW systems (GWID, Blackboard, email) to, and/or submit a tech service request.
  • Direct questions about using the examination testing platform Remote Proctor Now to Software Secure at
  • Direct questions about class access, Blackboard files (recordings), and exam access to the technician whose contact information is listed on the syllabus for each course.

Q: Do students ever need to come to campus?

No. These programs can be completed entirely online. Students are welcome to attend graduation in person.

Q: What is your leave of absence policy?

Leaves of absence are permitted, but not recommended. They are approved only for unforeseen circumstances beyond a student’s control. Leaves of absence are limited to two 9-week sessions in the entire program.

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